Leadpages is a package of digital advertising tools which caters to startups and small business’ virtual demands – sites and high-converting landing pages in particular.

And it is known for its code-free builder that plans to support solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with inferior design and technical skills.

The platform also acts as a way to assemble quality readers, sell products and solutions, engage and grow viewers, and convert them into paying clients. It also comes with different tools that will help users maximize and strengthen their marketing campaigns.

Its features are divided into eight classes: construction tools, advertising tools, conversion programs, templates and design, security and client service, publishing tools, website builder, integrations.

Which are the pros and cons?

To assist you gauge Leadpages capacity for a marketing solution, below are a few points elaborating its advantages and pitfalls.


Assemble websites. Users may also produce websites via Leadpages site builder. It’s a drag and drop editor that makes web designing easier. It has many prebuilt site templates too that you can tailor to your brand.

Usability and simplicity of use. Leadpages tools are intuitive and are tailored to match the unexperienced entrepreneurs’ skill level. All its builders – from landing page to social media advertisements editor – are code-free. Hence, you don’t require prior programming expertise to use them efficiently.

Rich in conversion and optimization tools. The program is not simply about creating marketing materials. It gives significance to these products perform and yield outcomes also. Therefore, they added various perks especially for these functions including real-time analytics instrument.

Huge collection of Leadpages templates. From sales pages to thank you pages, you can get all types of themes you want. It’s a library with 200+ topics which you can modify or use as-is. Looking to examine the waters too before dipping your feet into it? It is possible to test Leadpages for 14 days for FREE.


A/B split testing Instrument Isn’t Contained in the standard Strategy.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy higher packages if you’d like access to the feature since it isn’t included in the subscription.

You can’t customize standard templates. The organization offer two forms of page layouts: drag and drop and regular templates. It’s possible to create a couple changes using regular templates such as the text font and colour. But, you can’t add new content or perhaps rearrange the present ones.

That’s why if you want to get complete control over your layout, I suggest you to use the drag and drop instead.

The monthly price is quite affordable. But if you compare its resources to other comparable goods , it is a little pricey. Nonetheless, if you’re simply beginning or you merely require high-converting landing pages, then Leadpages is a fantastic assistance.

Here’s a breakdown of Leadpages price:

  1. Standard. For $25 a month, you have to have all of the basic tools you need to kickstart your online biz. It includes one particular site, page templates, advertising builder, and unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars. The only downside is the A/B testing isn’t included.
  2.  Pro. The pro bundle is the organization’s most popular plan. It costs $48 a month and gives you access to all or any perks included in the standard subscription with additional ones like A/B testing, email trigger links, and opt-in text.
  3. Advanced. For small agencies working with a number of clients, Leadpages innovative plan is a superb fit. For $199 per month, you will receive access to its tools including sub-accounts. The only downside is that the monthly price is quite expensive.

Leadpages Benefits: Why Utilize Leadpages?

  • Save Time Money and Effort

Like most of landing page builders, Leadpages can create landing pages for a variety of purposes efficiently. Maybe more rapidly than others because of its own editor. It is quite easy to use but that comes at a cost of flexibility and power.

Regarding speed, a new landing page can take a tiny as a few minutes to install once you are familiar with the tool. Specialized resources like designers or developers are not needed.

Other tools like Leadlinks and Leadboxes will make your advertising more efficient. Potentially saving additional time, effort and money by performing multiple automated actions with little overview needed.

  • Improve Conversion Rates/Lead Generation

We talked about this at length at the template section of our Leadpages review over. Let us quickly outline. Leadpages has tons of conversion information on their templates’ conversion rates through many clients over time. You can use this to form templates by conversion. This is powerful information plus also a fantastic feature.

You may even test if tools like Leaddigits or Leadlinks (Pro and upward ) increase conversion. Perhaps a different approach could lead to more conversions.

  • Optimize Layout through A/B testing (Pro and up)

We’ve got all heard stories of a marketer altering the colour of a button which increased traffic by a crazy number. A/B Testing is offered in Pro plans and upwards in the standard editor only (not drag & drop). A/B Testing compares different variants of a page that are displayed randomly to website traffic. It calculates the difference in functionality so you can pick a winner. Using split testing, you are able to continuously improve the design, copy and performance of your landing pages.

Leadpages Pricing and Plans: How much does Leadpages Cost?

Leadpages pricing for the Normal program is $37/month (or $25 or $17/month in Case You devote to 1-year or 2-year program)

The Pro program which includes AB testing, Leaddigits and Leadlinks is $79/month (or $49 or $24/month in the Event That You devote to 1-year or 2-year plan)

“For marketing teams and bureaus”, Advanced strategy Leadpages pricing is $159 for a 2-year commitment and $199/month for a yearly plan. No monthly programs are available at this degree.

All plans include unlimited use of Leadpages and Leadboxes.

Refund/guarantee: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee