Big Commerce

BigCommerce is a lot more than only an ecommerce website builder. It has some great store management capabilities out of the box that help you keep on top of your business. Some of the cool native features include a strong product catalogue, flexible shipping & real time quotes, coupon and ignoring tools, and much more.

BigCommerce integrates with Amazon and eBay, and it has social selling capabilities that allow you to sell on Facebook.

The solution’s shipping capabilities are absolutely powerful. BigCommerce is the sole cloud option which has a deep integration with ShipperHQ, a sophisticated delivery rate calculator and principles engine. This integration makes it easy to supply real-time quotes and employ customised shipping rates.

  Reasons to Use BigCommerce

  • Integration with eBay
  • ShipperHQ integration
  • Plenty of powerful features from the box
  • Robust business management tools (i.e. product management, order management, reporting, Transport )

Bigcommerce offers really nice e-commerce store management features (including product management, order fulfilment, online payments, coupons, analytics, etc.), good-looking layouts, and countless customization attributes.

But will Bigcommerce be the right solution for you and your own company specifically? Or maybe there are better choices? Let us find out! Here’s our review:

Here, I talk about the intricacies of using Bigcommerce, review the advantages and disadvantages, and give you a quick how-to onto the most important capabilities. I also discuss the pricing and compare Bigcommerce to competing e-commerce platforms.

Advantages of BigCommerce

  • You are able to avail of cheaper-than-usual Paypal card transaction fees with BigCommerce, as a result of its preferential arrangement with Braintree.
  1. It’s a very flexible solution for sellers with a great deal of different product variants.
  • The built-in cookie approval feature helps you meet GDPR requirements in a way that other similar platforms do not.

Disadvantages of Big Commerce

  • The amount of typefaces included in the free themes is rather restricted.
  • The built-in site does not ease RSS feeds.
  • VAT MOSS rates could be catered for.

As I mentioned briefly a few paragraphs above, there’s a free trial available. It’s 15 days, it lets you test everything and effectively set up your internet shop from begin to finish. However, your customers will not have the ability to buy anything from you whenever you are about the free trial. For this, you need to upgrade.

There are 3 Chief plans:

The first one — $29.95 — would be the best starting point in my own opinion. It gives you everything you’d want from day one, and it doesn’t limit the size of your e-commerce store whatsoever:

You obtain unlimited products,

unlimited storage,

unlimited bandwidth,

you’ll be able to accept credit cards and PayPal,

there is a 1.5% transaction charge. (If you don’t need to take care of any transaction fees, then you are going to need to upgrade to $79.95 / month.)

Final Thoughts :-

Is it effortless to use?

Let’s put it this way:

Managing your shop, caring for your orders, including products, looking through your own analytics, and so on — essentially, doing anything that can be considered your day-to-day work — is very easy. Everything is clear and intuitive.

Setting up your store, tweaking the layout, and doing whatever else that can be considered a one-time task can be somewhat confusing (more on that below). You may require the service team’s assistance for that part if you are not particularly savvy with web stuff.

Bigcommerce gives you amazing management tools. In short, when it comes to working with your store day daily, Bigcommerce is great. This permits you to take care of your shop’s marketing partly on autopilot.

Bigcommerce is rather cheap for the amount of stuff it offers and the fact that it places no limits on the number of products you can get in your database or just how many clients you can serve.

There’s 24/7 support. And they even help you with things like SEO and other marginally external traits of your internet shop.

You will find apps. You are able to integrate your shop with platforms like facebook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, eBay, plus far more.

You’ll be able to use multiple currencies at the exact same moment.