NordVPN is among the most common and largest names in the VPN space, and it also happens to be one of the best. It provides amongst the biggest number of host options and a few high quality app experiences.

NordVPN is possibly the most recognizable name on this listing, due to its immense YouTube ad campaign, and it is also one of the most solid options to boot.

Standout features include its 5,000+ global servers, which offer fast rates and strong functionality. Much like other VPNs with this list, setup can be set up directly through your router, or link sharing, and each one the major providers are supported.

One of NordVPNs standout features is its own Dual VPN service, which sneakily sends your internet traffic via two VPN servers, giving an additional layer of privacy and anonymity. Other features include an malware and ad blocker, 2,048-bit security, a kill switch, browser extensions, DNS escape protection, along with a no-log policy.

A 30-day money-back guarantee, coupled with 24/7 live online service roundoff Nord VPN’s feature list fairly nicely.

How easy is it to install NordVPN programs?

Sign up to get a VPN and you’ll probably want to install a customer and try it straight away. In NordVPN, all you have to do is tap the VPN Apps connection, and the website automatically provides you the app download link for the device you’re using, along with additional links for the other supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and Android TV.

NordVPN’s lengthy list of 50+ tutorials explains how to manually set up the service, and includes coverage of a further 20 platforms and device types (like the best Chrome books via Chrome OS, Windows Phone, Raspberry Pi, routers, NAS devices, more).

There is far more detail than you could expect. NordVPN doesn’t have less than 11 Windows tutorials, for instance, covering installing the regular client, OpenVPN, or manual setup guidance for various protocol types on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Or maybe you wish to understand how to install NordVPN as a Socks browser or 5 proxy? No problem: there are tutorials covering Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, uTorrent, Bit Torrent, Vuze, Skype, Deluge and much more.

Can NordVPN have browser extensions, and do these work well?

NordVPN does have browser extensions, and if all you are seeking to do is protect your browser, these may be pretty helpful.

While VPN customers are generally easy to use anyway, getting yourself connected can still take a little work. Should you need to unblock a website in your Windows notebook, for instance, you might need to find and start your own program, locate and browse the countries list, click your favourite option, wait to see when you are linked, and finally switch back to your browser.

NordVPN provides Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions that can simplify this process by letting you pick a VPN place, then connect and then disconnect straight from the browser window.

Installing the Chrome extension added a NordVPN icon into our address bar. We exploited this and logged in to the ceremony when prompted.

The extension interface does not have the map you’ll see in the program customers, but that’s no fantastic loss. Instead you are presented with a Quick Connect button which connects you to the fastest server, and a Search option which enables selecting a specific state only. (There is no ability to choose a server by city or area.)

A small Settings dialog lets you block WebRTC escapes in Chrome, reducing privacy dangers, or empower the CyberSec ad, malware and phishing protection.

You’re not likely to be overwhelmed with the feature set, then, however, the extension is fast and simple to use. You’re able to attach in a few clicks, and because this is just a proxy, protecting browser visitors only, link times are near instant.

We checked out NordVPN’s Firefox add-on, also.

What customer service can you expect from NordVPN?

NordVPN’s first line of customer service is its own support site . Articles are sorted into several classes, and also a search box lets you find content by keyword.

The site isn’t organized very as well as we would like. Head off to ExpressVPN’s support site, for instance, and you are presented with the choices’Get instructions’,’Troubleshoot now’ and’Contact support’; quite clear pointers on which you have to go . At NordVPN, you get the segments’FAQ’,’General Info’,’Billing’ and’Connectivity’, and it sometimes took a little more work to find the details we had been after.

Once you get to the tutorials and guides, though, there’s a lot to enjoy here, with lots of detailed but easy-to-follow installation and troubleshooting information.

If you can’t locate exactly what you require, a superb chatbot offers instant and surprisingly intelligent assistance. NordVPN has a web page where you can download individual OpenVPN configuration files, for instance, but not the full set. We typed ‘where can I download all the ovpn documents’ into the chatbot, clicked a suggested’OpenVPN configuration files’ connection, and also the bot gave us a URL to’all zipped OVPN configuration documents.’

If the bot cannot help you, NordVPN also offers 24/7 live chat service with actual human beings, and in our experience this works really well. We posed a simple question and got a friendly opening reaction from a support agent in a few moments.

Email support is available, also. Replies take somewhat more — hours, rather than minutes, in our experience — however that’s similar with a number of different VPNs, and NordVPN answers were generally accurate and detailed enough to solve our problem.


NordVPN is an attractive VPN supplier with tons of servers, and also a superb no-logging audit. It is not quite the lowest priced, or the fastest, or the most effective VPN we have seen, however the firm has included a lot of welcome improvements and improvements lately, and complete, it is a sleek and professional support that will deliver great results for many users.